Welsh Companies FL, Inc. is proud to offer a high level of service that provides our customers with quality property management. We believe that “Full Service” Management produces a well maintained property that out-performs the market’s and owner’s expectations, and creates increased value for the property. Our customers can rely on us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have integrated what we believe to be the services that commercial office, retail and industrial properties most require:


Tenant Relations Administration

Consider Property Management as an investment in your property. Welsh’s professionals will help prioritize your projects, develop strategies and maintain your property’s value. Our trained management staff will oversee the everyday affairs of the property, including the lawn and maintenance crew, tenant relations and necessary correspondence. With Welsh, the choice is yours. Our specialists will tailor a management plan for your specific needs, providing you with the day-to-day type of transactions or, simply giving you the bottom line.

Marketing, Leasing, & Sales

Welsh Companies FL, Inc. is a Comprehensive Real Estate Firm and we have an experienced staff of realtors. It's their knowledge of the market and unique relationships with property owners, major tenants and government agencies that give our clients the edge.

Maintenance & Support

At Welsh, our clients can expect only the finest service available. Our Property Management Division accepts bids from professional, local contractors and chooses one based on what will best fit the property’s and client’s needs. Our Property Management philosophy includes preventative maintenance. We know that what may cost a few dollars today, may cost much more tomorrow. Of course, repairs are a made in a timely manner, saving our clients and their tenants both money and aggravation.

Accounting & Customized Report Generation

Our accounting division utilizes the latest computer technology to provide our clients with detailed reports and summaries. Our accountants maintain an up-to-date rent roll, as well as monthly financial statements. Other services include financial reports, accounts receivable, accounts payable and supporting schedules. Comprehensive accounting and management reports are provided to our clients on a monthly basis.

Income Expense & Capital Budgeting

Accurate records are vital to a business’ success. The Welsh Accounting Division helps clients to set up a detailed budget for their property. With the assistance of previous expense records, our staff is able to propose an operating budget that takes income, CAM expenses, owner expenses and capital expenses into consideration. Our accountants are also able to calculate long term capital expenses.


Today the investor is challenged to achieve historical rates of return from existing investment properties. Development is a solid vehicle through which an investor can greatly improve the expected return on investment. An investor can take advantage of our years of experience in the asset/facility management, renovation and development sector. Please review some of our most notable projects.

Court Ordered Receiverships

Receiverships are often very unique, given the circumstances of a property's condition. George Vukobratovich or Welsh Companies FL, Inc can be bonded as the court may require. Upon court appointment and/or the courts prioritization, we immediately address delinquent receivables (rent), deferred maintenance, lease analysis, verification of adequate insurance coverage and many more potentially neglected items.